Partners In Health Network
Credentialing Verification Organization
Credentials Verification Service

Give your medical staff office an extra pair of hands… OURS

Partners in Health Network strives to be innovative in the credentialing process and is dedicated to providing the highest commitment to excellence.

We are certified in 10 out of 10 Credentialing Verification Processes

Our Credentialing Specialist brings over 10 years of experience to our organization. Our Credentialing Department utilizes verification by the following methods:

  • Faxes
  • Verbal
  • Internet
  • Electronic computer system

While utilizing a more rational, logical approach to complete the credentialing process in a timely manner, we understand the meaning of the word "ASAP."

The centralized credentialing process verifies all information needed for a medical staff office to make recommendations to the appropriate reviewers in a timely manner, and in almost any format you wish.

Partners in Health Network is a member of NAMSS, WVAMSS and OAMSS – in order to stay on the "fast-track" to credentialing.

I. Initial Verification

  • Medical School
  • Internship
  • ECFMG/Fifth Pathway
  • Residency
  • Fellowship
  • Peer References
  • Hospital Affiliations
  • Delineation of Privileges
  • Medical Licensure
  • DEA
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Board Certification
  • Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions
  • National Practitioner Data Bank

II. Re-appointment Verifications

  • Peer References
  • Hospital Affiliations
  • Medical Licensure
  • DEA
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions
  • Board Certification
  • National Practitioner Data Bank

We follow up on any discrepancies or adverse actions, at your request. We are your EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS!

Optional Features

Would you like to be able to generate almost any type of report, in a matter of minutes? Or do you want to send birthday cards to your practitioners? The following is a list of optional components that may be utilized for individual, group or departmental specific information:

  • Initial Application
  • Re-appointment Application
  • Standardized Reports
  • Customized Reports
  • Delineation of Privileges
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • QA & Peer Review
  • Medical Records Suspensions
  • Committee Assignments
  • Meeting Attendance
  • Practitioner Directories
  • Managed Care/HMO Information
  • Office Hours Information
  • Site Visits

Partners in Health Network is a non-profit organization with a mission to create an integrated healthcare delivery network that provides a seamless continuum of care to the communities we serve. Our network currently has members in 28 central and southern West Virginia counties.

Should you have any questions, or if you would like more information on this cutting edge credentials verification service please contact us at the telephone numbers or email addresses listed below.

Partners in Health Network, Inc.
405 Capitol Street, Suite 1009
Charleston, WV 25301

Phone (304) 388-7385
Fax (304) 388-7390

Credentialing Specialist
Brenda Greene
(304) 388-7388